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At My Funeral

At my funeral I want golden flowers from the tree of golden apples and I want Zeus to be in attendance. The grass will bow to the West and I will be laid in splendor at the  foot of the One Tree. I will be laid on a bed of pure white stone and surrounded by garlands of emerald. The mourners will be silent; the Wind will give the eulogy and my wife will place the Stone on my head.

The ground will open to accept me in it’s embrace  and I will go gracefully down to speak with the Lords of the Fields in their own places. Then the Twelve Lords will accompany me to the resting place of the King.

There we will make our camp and there we will make our peace. The King will accept me as one accepts a long absent son and I will rule in that Land beneath the stars on the other side of the wavering reflections of Life.


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“man came from nothing and to nothing he will return.”

I do not agree with that. We are born from love and passion, and we leave behind those who’s lives we’ve touched.

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My father was a writer. He wrote once.

He created a world where, even now, people live and breath, love and laugh and die. He created the entire universe, all that would sustain life in his world, which, even now I don’t know the name of. Then he stopped, he quit. He put the world away, the fascinating cascade of characters and their stories. All locked up in a drawer now, put away in a filing cabinet along with his tax returns and mortgage papers.

I think about  that world every once in a while. I wonder if Loden or the Tanklen are still around, if they are angry at being forgotten, being shelved, filed away. I still don’t know what happened to the children, nobody does, not even Loden and he’s the one who most needs to know. That great mystery lies hidden behind my birth certificate and the title for the jeep. I asked my father once why he stopped. He  said he felt there was no merit in it; he felt that it wasn’t unique enough or that there were plenty of other stories out there.

I wonder how Loden feels about that; his bones were cast in gold and nobody knows why. Well my Dad does, but he’s keeping it to himself.

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Tumbling and Rumbling
Drinking and Laughing
Skin against Skin
Squeals of Delight
Laughter and
Soft secretive Kisses.

We surprise each other.

But time slips away
and steals me from you.
My situation cannot be avoided;
it’s last call and I must be aboard.

I’m surprised by you,
that the memory of you should be
so compelling.

Soon cold Reality will reclaim me.
But for now I insulate myself
with Memory.

of Laughter and Soft Lips
of Tumbling Dark Hair
of the Taste of Your Kiss
of your Smile
of a few Hours of our Time
Which continue to Haunt me.

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Today is the 26th of august and I’ve just learned that a prince has died. Taken from behind by the assassin of his breed – Regalus, a prince among horses. Regal as his name implies, respected and loved as a prince should be. He was a sojourner in our lands far from his own home; he was gentle and strong, his eyes full of wary kindness. He was a prince without a throne, his kingdom long ago lost to conquering man. Yet he never lost his nobility, his head high and proud, his gait sure and strong. Farewell sweet prince and fare-thee-well. May you reach the land of your fathers, the land of kings; the return of their lost prince be greeted royally…
Farewell sweet prince, farewell.

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