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When she told me I didn’t react. I stood there thinking to myself “Is the part where I laugh? Or where I cry?” I didn’t do either, instead I sat down next to her and said, “ok,” and let the world wash over me.

Time seemed to both stop and rush forward, my breathing became shallow, I stood up and wandered around the hotel room… Why does life altering news have come to me in a hotel room?
She left to take a walk and I, I went to the bathroom to puke, ended up hyperventilating and falling into the bathtub; all-in-all a better choice. That done I went back to the bed and sat there. “I’m going to be a dad.” The thought rolled ’round and ’round my head forever. “I’m going to be a dad.” with each repeat of that thought new emotions and ideas crept up. “I’m going to be a dad. I am not ready for this. Me? A dad? Oh man, the world is not ready for this. How could this happen to me?! Well I know how it happened… I’m going to be a dad! This is so cool. I can’t wait to teach the kid all about old cars and baseball and… wait, what if it’s a girl? I’ll still teach her about old cars and baseball and fishing and… What am I going to do?! I’ve never done this before! How do I do this? What do I do now?”

She came back into the room and we looked at each other. “We’re going to be parents.”


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When I first started this post it was about how the country seems to be relying on the new president to fix everything and bring back a golden age to America. You may be able to tell by the title that I considered this to be folly. We as a country cannot rely on others  to fix everything for us. If we want things to be better we have to pay attention to whats going on, we have to be active and not let our county be run by special interests and lobbyists. I may not have as an informed opinion as others on the running of our country but it seems to me that the American people have by majority declined to care how our government does business. So I thought about that, how we give the running of the government over to the politicians and lobbyists and how we just sit back and complain at the consequences, and then I thought about church. Strange segue  but there you have it, whats a rant for if not to spout baseless opinions about every subject under the sun.

I used to be deeply involved with the Christian faith and its associated belief that church was second only to God himself (Blasphemer!!!) but I have since removed myself from church and all churchy things. That does not change my believe in God and Jesus and all the things that happened to the Jews in the old testament…

Ok so that brings up a tangent thought. Christianity was for the Jewish people, Jesus was a Jew and he came for God’s chosen people, so shouldn’t we view christianinty thought the light of Jewish beliefs and traditions? I don’t know, like I said its been a long time since I was involved with (C)hurch.

But anyway on to my original thought of people putting their faith and life into the hands of someone else and then turning their back on those hands and expecting everything to be just hunky-dunky. Folly. People tend to believe what their spiritual leaders tell them and a lot of those people let their spiritual leaders ideas, which he spouts off every sunday, to rule their lives. Folly. We as a nation have turned our back on our law makers and expect our freedoms to be intact. Folly. News agencies care now about more viewership (ratings) than about news worthy items. I watched a show the other day that was just one women shouting out currently popular thoughts on a news item, she was not reporting what had happened only what she “thought” was wrong about it; fifteen years ago she would have been singing the opposite tune. We watch the news without thinking about what we are seeing, we accept it for gospel just like all those sheep do every sunday. Folly.

Ok so here I am just ranting about anything that pops into my head. Folly. So I will try to bring this back to my original thought. (if I even had one.) We do not pay enough attention to the things that we put out faith in. What I mean by that is we trust blindly, stupidly and without thought. Before believing that someone will change things for us (i.e. Pres. Obama) we should try to change it or ourselves. Before buying into some televangelist bullshit we should study the Bible for ourselves. What I am trying to say is that we need to take more control of our own lives, quite putting it into someone else’s hands. What got to me I think was that everywhere I went people were complaining about a President that had only been in office for a week, whining about how he has to change the economy and all the while doing nothing different from what they have for the last 8 years. If situations like economy change than lifestyles have to change, we have to become more responsible and stop trying to live the American dream of ‘beyond your means’.

I know, probably this entire rant is folly.

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