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The sun beat down unforgiving on the frozen landscape. Nothing moved nothing breathed it was as if the world was holding its breath, waiting for something spectacular. Small Brown Eyes opened on this world of ice and silence, they opened and blinked, and then they closed. The Small Brown Eyes closed on the world and the world returned itself to void, to nothingness. It was a silent, gentle transition, no cataclysm just…




Two children played in a sandbox building worlds of imagination and sand they had wars and adventures; they brought empires too their knees; turned knaves into heroes and always won the girls. Two ordinary boys on an ordinary day doing ordinary boy things. Two Brown Eyes blinked, Two Brown Eyes closed and Two Ordinary Boys disappeared into… well,




Two people, one bed. The sex was loud messy and every teenagers wet dream. She was gorgeous passionate, he was masculine strong; both virile. She arched her back and cried out in her release her long black hair falling picture perfect about her shoulders and breasts. Wide Brown Eyes watched. Wide Brown Eyes blinked and reluctantly closed and The Two Lovers dimmed and turned to mist to…




Two Brown Eyes looked out on a world that was normal, predictable, boring and real. Two Brown Eyes closed and the world disappeared, and reappeared extraordinary and unbelievable. The world unrolled, folded itself, rearranged and remade itself. Two Brown Eyes watched and orchestrated. Two Brown Eyes, blinked and closed and returned to the ordinary, the boring. The World unrolled, rearranged, remade and disappeared into…




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“Shutting down now,” Go to sleep.
“Forget you saw,” Don’t repeat.
“Ignore and turn away,” You didn’t see.
Flaws and failures, There still a mystery.
“Just shine and shine,” Cover up so much.
Truth is blind so don’t even touch.

“I don’t ask this lightly I expect you to comply
if at first you don’t succeed then just lie lie lie.
Its a simple favor really to just turn the other way
its a game you see, to win you must play play play.
Its a masquerade, it’ll be fun, here’s the mask I made.
So like your face they wont recognize, its you in disguise.
So straighten your collar, square you shoulders, lift your chin
go out the door and down the steps, and forget where you’ve been.”

Staring into eyes of my own not my own yet I know them.
I blink, stare, turn slightly watching me watching me.
I smile and wave, turn around. I wonder: am I still watching me?
Turn quickly but I’m too fast for me, there I am staring back at me.

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It comes sometimes, inspiration, in fits and spurts, short starts and abrupt ends. Other times it flows like a raging river and must be dammed or run out of control. My muse is bipolar; and just like that the faucet is turned and the flow of words stop.
Let me catch these last few drops
before they swirl away uncaught
to join the main stream
which is thought.

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It ended
Not in flames or fury
In silent agony.

What was to have been
And then ended.

You thought too much
And said less.

You thought you said
You never said.

And so because
What was was
And then ended

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As he sleeps he whimpers.
Small, startled mews.
One wonders,
What is the dream?
Is it a dream?

Or is it much more simple?
Is it the small insecurities that plague him
Day after day
And, when he rests,
Night after night?

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Cold rage washes over me

Clenched jaw
Fists white knuckle tight

Voice calm
Eyes dead, hateful

I have one purpose now

To destroy
Rip asunder

I have a target for this hate. I have a reason for this hate. I have a name for this Hate.

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Complex Emotion Swirling and Gliding


It’s Slippery and Rushing

It Pulls From my Grasp
From my Dictionary Entry.

It Pulls me with It
Carries me
and Drowns me

I am being given a swirly be a force that laughs as long and as loud as it cries.
This is me inside of me; the raw rendering of me that is
drowning me in it’s joyously gibbering madness!

I Feel Spring-Tight
Wound to SproingIng

Out of Place

Out of Time.

I Feel Full

Too Full to Spill
Out or Over

But Instead Burst!

Erupt Tears
and Grins

Hollering and angry beatings lay locked behind stony face. My face, which I barely control.
It threatens to SLIP!

Into Slobbering
Dog Grins,
Sleepy Lecherous Nods.

Behind My Breast Lays the Roiling,
Broiling Madness
of Unchecked
and Unknown

Today It wakes Itself
And my eyes go skipping
To and Fro

Skip to my shine!
To My LOO-HOO-Hooooo
Skip to My…

And my Words will not come
I am running out of Them
They are running out of me.


It’s all Slipping….

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