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This song, this is what I was listening for and I didn’t even know it. The soft refrain brings nostalgia. A memory of a purchase, this album and a book to accompany it.
I remember the feeling of that day; the quiet waiting of my soul as I turned each page of my new book; my mind totally in awe, in admiration of the author.  My soul and feet happily tapping along with the smooth, jazzy croon of my stereo.
That song comes on tonight, picked at random by my magic box. Immediately I’m back there, back to that first time. I smile to myself, go to my bookcase and pull that book from it’s place on my shelf. I may or may not read it, I just want to have it near me as the album rolls on.
They own me tonight, these two beautiful women. This is a special relationship, this ménage-à-trois of book, song and me. It is nearly foolproof. There is no jealousy, we accord each other the perfect amount of respect. They both understand they own an equal portion of my heart and mind and that even if I neglect either of them for extended periods, I will always return. And always they will be there, waiting for me.


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Your stuck in my brain
I don’t remember feeling a thing
Your face is a haze of shadow and light
All that’s left of alcohol nights
Your voice I can’t recall
Your name you never gave
There, at the tip of my tongue, your taste.


From me you have nothing
From you I took nothing
Neither the richer for it
Just a little stickier, older and spent
We part our bodies before the sun
We hug a goodbye , have a nice life
I remember you paid for the room.

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