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Tumbling and Rumbling
Drinking and Laughing
Skin against Skin
Squeals of Delight
Laughter and
Soft secretive Kisses.

We surprise each other.

But time slips away
and steals me from you.
My situation cannot be avoided;
it’s last call and I must be aboard.

I’m surprised by you,
that the memory of you should be
so compelling.

Soon cold Reality will reclaim me.
But for now I insulate myself
with Memory.

of Laughter and Soft Lips
of Tumbling Dark Hair
of the Taste of Your Kiss
of your Smile
of a few Hours of our Time
Which continue to Haunt me.


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Not so quiet an eve’ning; I mean the woods out back are quiet but in here… Conversation runs rampant the music is just a little too loud, which makes the conversation a tad louder than it needs to be and the whole room is filled with the noise of it. Topics run the gamut, from yesterday to the day just after birth, the booze flows freely and often. Family and friends drink and laugh and are all full of goodwill and good food. The house is warmth and affection, rivalry, revelry and all the old arguments of long friendship. Old stories relived and retold, new jokes and old.

These are the moments that make the stories we retell at future gatherings, we will hear again for the hundredth time each foible of tonight, re-live the meal, what was the name of that dish? And laugh again at the jokes and hi-jinx of this eve’ning.

The laughter is infectious. The dinner table is such a small thing, seats only four, yet it fits the whole room. The same conversation and camaraderie cover the crowd, from one wall to the other. It moves like the waves, in sets followed by calming surf-noise, a sort of silence. A static/surf filled silence. We move then in smaller groups, little swirls of conversation moving among the flotsam and jetsam of dead topics upon the sand of the eve’ning till we re-collide and start a new set of waves. Soon the tide will shift and there will be a breaking up of us, each to their own devices but for now we laugh and drink and talk and remember till the call of good-night!

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