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Poetry in motion;
Left foot first, then right.
Jaws drop and pants
Become uncomfortable
And embarrassing.
The sway of her hips
The play
Of fabric on skin,
The soft swish of her dress
Bunching and un-bunching,
And teasing.

In my mind she’s slowly revealing
All her most sensitive parts.
In my mind we’re just two
And the room is dim gloom
Slightly diffuse.
The play of fabric becomes
The play of hands.
Skin on skin,
Soft swishing becomes
Soft but slowly growing
Reaching a pinnacle
A climax.

But then she’s gone.
Around the corner
Or out of sight
And my hands rush to cover
My own
Growing embarrassment.


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Your stuck in my brain
I don’t remember feeling a thing
Your face is a haze of shadow and light
All that’s left of alcohol nights
Your voice I can’t recall
Your name you never gave
There, at the tip of my tongue, your taste.


From me you have nothing
From you I took nothing
Neither the richer for it
Just a little stickier, older and spent
We part our bodies before the sun
We hug a goodbye , have a nice life
I remember you paid for the room.

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So real. Is it real…?

The touch of your skin
the smell of our hair
your voice
your laugh

I can feel the the breath of your voice
on my ear,
your skin on my fingertips.

But I can’t see
your eyes,
I can’t see
your face.

I cannot see But I feel
I feel
Your skin against mine
Your smile and soft laugh
Your hair brushes my face
And your last words are echoing still

“We could just lie here forever…”

I laugh at you
and smother your mouth
with mine

and then I am awake.

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